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climb up the economic ladder, have a better life. >> sean: also energy production will save this company. >> nobody is talking about fracking, sean and we need it. >> sean: now greta is next. >> greta: three more suspects. >> three more suspects arrested in connection with the boston marathon bombings. >> according to the court papers, the prosecutors say two of those men had decided to throw away a backpack belonging to the younger bombing suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. a third man, robel phillipos, 19 years old of cambridge, mass, was charged with willfully making materially false statements to federal law enforcement officials during a terrorism investigation. >> the main takeaway from the affidavit is that the three suspects all believed at the time that they took these actions to dispose of the laptop computers fireworks inside, as
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well as a jar of vaseline, they believed they were doing so to help their friend dzhokhar tsarnaev, who they believed to be one of the boston bombing suspects. >> dias kadyrbayev denies the charges, as we've said from the beginning. he assisted the fbi in this investigation. >> he trusted them enough to call them afterwards to dispose of evidence, get rid of the evidence, obstruct justice, makes you wonder what they knew about him beforehand, if they knew of his jihadist connections. >> did they not break the knapsack to the dump and -- >> we are not saying that. mr. kadyrbayev told the fbi about that. he did not know that those items were involved in a bombing or of any interest in a bombing, any evidentiary value. >> terribly disappointing that any person knowing the catastrophe, the mayhem, the act of terror that was committed by these two brothers would attempt
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to cover it up. >> greta: for the latest on these three new suspects we go to fox news correspondent david lee miller live in boston. david lee, what can you tell me is the latest? >> well, greta, three friends of dzhokhar tsarnaev, because they3 say they didn't want to get him into trouble, decided that they were going to destroy evidence and lie to investigators. this, according to criminal complaint filed today in boston. all three of the suspects appeared in federal court, wearing street clothes. they were also shackled. two of them are students from kazakhstan. they were already in custody because of visa violations. they are both 19 years old. they are identified as dias kadyrbayev and azamet tazhayakov. they allegedly conspired to throw out a backpack containing fireworks that dzhokhar kept in his dorm room. the fbi recently found that backpack in a dump. on april 18th, dzhokhar sent one of his friends a text
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message. this message, greta, was sent only hours, only hours, before the shootout with police in watertown, massachusetts. that text message said, and i quote, "come to my room and take whatever you want." as for this third person who was taken into custody today, he's a u.s. citizen. he's 19 years old. robel phillipos. he's charged with lying to investigators, according to the criminal complaint, not once, not twice, not three times, but took four separate interviews before, according to the criminal complaint and the affidavit, he finally told investigators the truth about what had happened. meanwhile tonight the investigation continues as does the likely prospect that there could also be more suspects taken into custody. greta? >> greta: david lee, is there any update on tamerlan's wife, whether or not she's cooperating, whether she's still being question, whether she's even a suspect in this in any way? >> she's keeping a very low
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profile. we were in contact with her attorney today. they said they have nothing to say at this time. the last significant development that we can confirm is that she essentially relinquished her rights as next of kin to take possession of her husband's body, and says that she would now take -- give that responsibility to his parents, but tonight, greta, tamerlan tsarnaev's body still remains here with the medical examiner. it's not entirely clear when some type of funeral service is going to take place. that's significant, because only after that body is released will the medical examiner file a death certificate, and then we will know more about how precisely he died. was it because of the shootout or because he was run over by his own brother who fled the scene that night. greta? >> greta: has the father or more of dzhokhar tsarnaev arrived in the united states? there was talk about that.
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have they arrived? >> they have not left russia. they are still in russia. they expressed interest in coming to the united states. that might be more talk than action. the father says he's suffering from health problems. he then later said that he doesn't want to come here because he feels he won't be able to see his son dzhokhar. he will only want to come here if in fact authorities give him confirmation that after making the trip he'll be able to see his son. the wife has not expressed a great deal of interest in coming. one of the issues she might face, greta, as we've reported repeatedly, she was charged with shoplifting, and the possibility exists that if she were to come to the united states she could be arrested because of that shoplifting charge. so right now i think it's highly unlikely we could see the parents in the united states, at least anytime soon. greta? >> greta: david lee, thank you as always. and tonight there is news that the suspects left a social media footprint. like this youtube video posted
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by the american suspect robel phillipos. >> my name is robel phillipos. this is my -- this is my webcam thing. i grew up in a very mild-mannered way of living. wasn't too poor. wasn't too rich. i was, you know, an average guy. i've experienced so much, like, you know -- going to africa, i've seen like depths of hell. >> greta: what do these online postings tell us about these three suspects? "boston herald" managing editor joins us. joe, let's start with the youtube videos. can you tell me anything about what the social media is telling us about any of the three? >> well, the youtube video shows robel doing a homework assignment. he comes out, identifies himself, and goes into this homework assignment, talks about
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the american dream, what he would do if he was a philanthropist. says he's a mild-mannered men. he says he's seen the depths of hell in africa, but over here in america he's doing just fine. >> greta: what about azamet tazhayakov? >> we have found some evidence on a -- it's a facebook, a russian type of facebook site, also we're told that down at umass dartmouth, they loved bmws, screeching their tires around the parking lot, brought attention to themselves. loved loud music. just, you know, were seen by lots of students down there at umass dartmouth. >> >> greta: and dias kadyrbayev? >> the same. all of them have evidence of being online. dias on april 19th, it's being reported that he changed his
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facebook profile photo. the 19th is the day that boston and some surrounding suburbs were shut down. so that's a very interesting element that's being reported. >> greta: does phillipos know the tsarnaev brothers from before school orde meet them at school? >> he knew them before. he's also from the high school in cambridge, right next to boston. he goes far back into cambridge. the other two gentlemen are from kazakhstan, new to the country. robel has been here for quite some time. >> greta: how do the four of them, counting the tsarnaev brother, dzhokhar, where did they meet up? at university of umass dartmouth? >> it appears so. it appears that's where they met. it's also interesting that everybody arrested, all four,
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have ties to umass dartmouth, that one campus in the southern part of massachusetts has ties to these four gentlemen, the four surviving people tied to this case. >> greta: joe, thank you. >> you're welcome, greta. >> greta: according to the criminal complaint that's been filed by the u.s. attorney's office all three suspects have admitted removing tsarnaev's backpack from their dorm room, but their lawyers insist they knew nothing about tsarnaev's alleged involvement in the bombing. >> dias kadyrbayev denies the charges. he assisted the fbi in this investigation. he's just as shocked and horrified by the violence in boston that took place as the rest of the community is. he did not know that this individual was involved in a bombing. his first inkling came much later. the government allegations as far as that he saw a photo and recognized them immediately we dispute, and we'll be looking forward to proving our case in
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court. mr. kadyrbayev and his family are very sorry for what happened here in boston, and he did not have anything to do with it. >> he did not take the computer and the knapsack and -- >> he didn't dump the fireworks and the knapsack? >> we are not saying that. mr. kadyrbayev told the fbi about that. he did not know that those items were involved in a bombing, or of any interest in a bombing, of any evidentiary value. >> did he know that the gunpowder, the powder that was in the fireworks, the vaseline, could be used for bomb-making as the affidavit states? >> no. >> what about the suspect dzhokhar, saying go into my room, take whatever you want? was that a signal? >> that was no signal. it means the plain english meaning. >> my client, azamet tazhayakov, feels horrible and was shocked to hear that someone that he knew at the university of
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massachusetts dartmouth was involved with the boston marathon bombings. he considers it an honor to be able to study in the united states, and that he the people of boston who have suffered as a result of the marathon bombings. >> greta: right now two of the new suspects charged with conspiring to obstruct justice, the other making false statements to the fbi. joining us our legal panel and san francisco former prosecutor jim hammer and bernie grim and ted williams. i want to start first with you, ted. let me read from the criminal complaint. this is the allegation by the fbi under oath in affidavit, in which he says that kadyrbayev decided to move the backpack from the room in order to help his friend tsarnaev avoid trouble. he decided to take tsarnaev's laptop as well because he did not want tsarnaev's roommate to think he was acting suspiciously by just taking the backpack.
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so knowledge. >> it's very serious, counterproductive to the lawyer's public relations gimmickry. if this is correct, they have serious problems. if these guys had nothing to do with this, why in the hell would they take a backpack, vaseline, a laptop, and dump it if they had nothing to do with it? serious. >> no. they had something to do with it. kadyrbayev's lawyer essentially said -- and all this information from kadyrbayev, what he did, comes out of kadyrbayev's mouth. there's no eyewitnesses. he said, i was the first one in the door, my guy is cooperating. what the viewers don't know, if these guys went to trial and got convicted, the max they would get is 10 years. >> greta: i don't agree with you on that. all this is, they put a couple charges together -- we should tell the viewers, because they want to have enough charges to hold them. after, this it goes to preliminary hearing. prosecutors don't want to prove
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a lot. then it goes to an indictment. once it gets to the indictment, i think they'll get load on with -- they'll get accessory after the fact, homicide, accessory after the fact to probably anywhere from 100 to 150 attempted murders by blowing the bomb up. jim, bernie doesn't think they'll get accessory charges. >> well, greta, you're certainly right, the prosecutors will stack every possible charge, because that's what we do as prosecutors. having said that, they'll load every charge, and if they get convicted, the judge stacks the accessories for each of the assaults and homicides, they could spend the rest of their lives in prison. unfortunately bernie is probably right, that this case probably maxes out near 10 years. the conduct is one set of conduct. it's a horrific conduct. i think the punishment should be worse. >> greta: i think the public outeye on this -- the prosecutor
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makes a decision what to charge -- actually the grand jury. i couldn't in my wildest dreams as a prosecutor think this is a only a 10-year offense. >> in a typical accessory case, just real quick, the crime is over, the murder is committed, someone hides a piece of evidence, maybe's someone wife. what stands out about this case, they had every reason to believe that these essentially mass murdersers were going to do it again. they were helping this guy be concealed to do it again. that's an incredibly serious crime. >> greta: that defeats your argument. >> i would agree, they could do, this but i don't think the government is going to stack on. as a matter of fact, they'll try to use -- for each and every count they could do the accessory after the fact, but
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they're not going to do that. they're going to try to use these guys owe. >> they're going to use these guys, milk them for as long as they can, unload on them, and include them in a conspiracy to commit murder or terrorist act. >> greta: these three, there was a fear they'd be out doing more. the public outcry, four dead, including a police officer. >> greta, you don't have to tell me. my brother crossed the finish line 10 minutes before this happened. i think what they want to do -- sorry, ted -- they want to go backwards, see whether they were networked with other larger groups. >> i hope they will not enter into any kind of a deal other tha, go at him for capital murder, not try to get information from him, look at probably life without the possibility of parole. >> greta: jim, i assume you would charge the death penalty in this case, right? >> oh, if there was ever a death penalty case, this is it.
10:16 pm
there's one thing in this affidavit, which i think if anyone has a doubt. when one of these suspects says in a text message, hey, you look like one of the bombers, the living suspect wrote back "lol," laughing out loud. i don't know of a more horrific case than that. >> greta: it surprises me that the three of you don't think it's going to bri to be a fierce prosecution. >> i agree it's going to be fierce. >> greta: they were joking about it, knew about it. they went back and got the -- they went and got the equipment. they tried to cover for them. i realize they're young, but -- >>ee. you're in boston federal courthouse, right downtown, not far from the boston marathon, which is historical, apple pie and chevrolet, these guys are going to get convicted, get convicted quickly, and go away for the rest of their lives. >> the fbi wants to send a signal out there, hey, if you
10:17 pm
know something, you better cooperate with us. >> greta: then you're on my side of the argument, if you think they want to send a message, they'll be as heavy handed as they can. >> there's a clear dichotomy between actually helping the fbi and not lying to the fbi, what they'll actually be charged with. i don't think they'll go heavy-handed on the charges. >> greta: all this stuff is recorded. after they are indicted, we'll see whether or not you guys are right or wrong. obviously won't ever have any of the three back on the show for disagreeing with you. >> i'm on your side! >> greta: i'm just teasing. gentlemen, thank you. how about this one? this one is stunning. the two suspects from kazakhstan share a car with a vanity license plate. check out what it says.
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"terrorista #1." whatdoyouthink? isthisastupidjokelate-night party isthisastupidjokelate-nightparty ingorsomethingsinisterin. straight ahead, the tsarnaev brothers receiving thousands of dollars in welfare benefits. how do they repay massachusetts taxpayers? well, alleged bombing the marathon. find out what state lawmakers plan to do next. also, white house press secretary jay carney says benghazi happened a long time ago. what does he mean by that? you'll hear for yourself. plus, which politician
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>> greta: we know that accused bombers tamerlan and dzhokhar tsarnaev and their family all received welfare benefits from the state of massachusetts to the tune of about $100,000. legal or not, state lawmakers are now demanding answers from the administration of governor deval patrick. state representative david lindske is joining the charge. nice to see you. >> nice to be here. >> greta: do you know if they
10:23 pm
received benefits legally? >> we're looking into that. it appears, from what we've been able to discern so far, at least initially everything they received was legal. you have to look at this further, because there's an issue also about continuing benefits, the responsibility of the commonwealth of massachusetts for continuing to check their eligibility as the years go on. so we're examining this from a systemic basis, trying to see whether or not there was the proper oversight, whether or not in fact everything they got throughout the course of the time period was in fact legal. this is raising a lot of questions here in massachusetts, both as to the eligibility and then the oversight that the welfare department was having over this family. >> greta: so it's basically a shutdown and open spigot, if you become illegal, the funds should be cut off, and you're trying to determine whether or not it did become illegal at one point, that they were receiving benefits, whether it was cut off? >> well, yeah, that's part of
10:24 pm
it. then you also have to look at the question, when you come here to the united states seeking political asylum as a refugee from a foreign country, at what point should you be getting the benefits? should they be handed out as freely as they are when you come here as a refugee, and should you have the right to go back to country freely? the taxpayers in massachusetts are furious about this. it's adding insult to injury about this family, the types of benefits they were getting, given the fact that two people are charged with absolutely horrific, horrific crimes. >> greta: if you get asylum, you live in the state of massachusetts, how long, if you know -- maybe you don't know this -- can you continue if you're an able-bodied person, you're not a student, how long can you continue to live on the largess of the state of massachusetts? when do you get cut off?
10:25 pm
>> you don't cut off as long as you make the income qualifications -- or rather not making the income qualifications. the problem is once you're into that system, there's very little oversight checking what your income is. there's the issue as well as the cash economy. the state is really only able to check what you're getting above the table. but if you're making money under the table, of course, that's never reported, factored into whether or not you're getting the benefits -- whether under be getting the benefits as well. what we're finding here is there are different layers of benefits. there are federal benefits, state benefits, local benefits. and quite frankly, you know, without disclosing too much here, because i'm constrained under what we call ironically the public records law in massachusetts, it looks like there are some families in massachusetts that are getting all types of benefits with very little oversight. >> greta: representative, thank you, sir. >> okay. thank you.
10:26 pm
>> greta: straight ahead, he is a former navy seal, and the son of colombian immigrants. 24 hours ago he got big news. gop senate candidate gabriel gomez is here. that's coming up. also, he's always outspoken, but this time governor chris christie was so blunt, we had to bleep him. what d come here, boy. ♪ there you go. come on, let's play! [ male announcer ] there's an easier way to protect your dog from dangerous parasites. good boy. fetch! trifexis is the monthly, beef-flavored tablet that prevents heartworm disease, kills fleas and prevents infestations, and treats hook-, round-, and whipworm infections. treatment with fewer than 3 monthly doses after exposure to mosquitoes may not provide complete hrtworm prevention. the most common adverse reactions were vomiting, itching and lethargy. serious adverse reactions have been reported following concomitant extra-label use
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and some you didn't. but what matters with mistakes is what we learn. we learned a very simple thing. to listen to you. to hear what you need to make your life more beautiful. come back to jcpenney. we heard you. now we'd love to see you. ♪ >> greta: two of the new suspects charged in connection with the boston bombings are natives of kazakhstan. earlier this year azamet tazhayakov reportedly visited his homeland. what do we know about kazakhstan? former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. a lot of history on kazakhstan and its history. >> it's a former republic of the soviet union. it's worked very closely with the united states since it became independent. it's a member of the partnership for peace, the program that
10:31 pm
contemplates joining nato. i don't think this indicates we have a terrorist problem with kazakhstan, because there's an interesting history. we don't know about these two fellows arrested today, but at the end of world war ii, joseph stalin imported as much of a third of the population from chechnya to kazakhstan, because he accused the chechenens. a lot left in the '90s and the past decade during the war with russia. it's entirely possible that these two individuals have some connection with the chechens in kazakhstan. i'll probably be accused of racial profiling here, but looking at the picture of the two people arrested today, i'd say they could be ethic kazaks.
10:32 pm
>> greta: you could be called that. >> they're not necessarily chechens, but the relations are close. this adds another dimension to the international questions we're facing. >> greta: the whole issue of the russians notifying the americans, and tamerlan left the united states, but at some point according to reports the russians did follow him -- did some surveillance of him once tamerlan ended up in russia, but then development it seemed to have ended when a canadian extremist was killed in some part of southern russia. then they lost him. >> yeah. well, the russian interest is clearly they fear renewed chechen terrorism throughout russia, the kind of terrorism like the school hostage-taking, the theatre in moscow, subway bombings in cities in russia. so they've got plenty of interest to watch people they think are chechen terrorists.
10:33 pm
i think their cooperation with us two years ago, in tipping us off about him, they weren't sure whether he was getting ready to commit terrorism in russia or somewhere else, and they wanted our help. the russians have their own agenda here. i'm not painting them as the guys in the white hats, but their interest here, they've got a reason to watch out for this sort of thing. it's another reason we should have taken it more seriously. >> greta: when they lost him in russia, stopped following him, they had expected he'd pick up his russian passport. the reason he went to russia was to get the passport, tack up and get the passport, but then tamerlan left hurriedly, never got his russian passport. you would have thought that was a tip-off to the russians and to the united states. >> well, absolutely. this is part of what congress, or somebody, is going to need to investigate, another ball drop. i would have to say given the way the russian security services operate very unusual on their part. if they were in fact in communication with the united states and said that, that
10:34 pm
should have been a real red flag. >> greta: they were certainly interested in him, and made a number of inquiries, maybe not in great depth, but they were interested in. >> kazakhstan is an independent country. now, not that inhibits them. >> greta: ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: a former navy seal will be one step closer to possibly becoming the first latino senator for the state of massachusetts, political newcomer and republican, gabriel gomez, running for the senate seat left vacant by now secretary of state john kerry. gabriel gomez joins us. nice to see you. >> how you doing, ma'am? >> greta: doing well. i know you were running in the boston marathon, near the finish line when the bombs went off. i'm curious about your thoughts about that tonight. >> i finished just shortly
10:35 pm
before the first explosion went off. i had just seen my wife and four kids at the finish line. i'd gone about a block and a half to do a bunch of media interviews, heard the first explosion, saw the smoke. my first reaction was, i did see my wife and kids. it took about 25 minutes to dash a text to them, because there was no cell coverage going on there. it was one of the scariest things i've had to encounter. >> greta: you won with 51% of the vote in the primary, beating out two other candidates combined, only with 49%. you're now the republican candidate for the u.s. senate, not in a state that's typically a state that elects senators, with the exception of senator scott brown. i'm curious, is immigration reform one of your burning issues? your parents are from colombia. your first language here in the united states is spanish. are you interested in immigration reform? >> sure. i mean, you know, i have a unique perspective on it. my parents came from colombia
10:36 pm
before i was born. i learned spanish first. i'm heartened now that we have a group of bipartisan senators working on comprehensive immigration reform that obviously starts with securing the border first. i'm with marco rubio on this. i'm glad it's elevated to a national level. people in massachusetts are really concerned about the economy, getting jobs back, dealing with the $16 trillion in debt we have in this country right now. >> greta: you're running against congressman markey, in office 36 years, since you were in little league. he's your opponent. tell me, where do you differ the most? >> we differ in a lot of areas. one specifically is, you know, he's been a career politician since i was playing little league baseball in 1976. and he hasn't had a job in the real world. i did nine years in the military, half of it in the navy seal teams. the other 16 years i've been in the private sector helping companies grow and be
10:37 pm
successful. i understand that there's a $16 trillion in debt, and we have a unique problem with a weak economy recovery, and it seems that congressman markey is talking about everything but the economy. >> greta: what would you do? >> well, i would focus first on the economy. i'd focus on the spending side. also focused on the revenue side. we need to address the spending side. we need to address cuts in certain programs. we've got all parts of the government could have some kind of cuts. i also think we need to potentially address the entitlement issue as well. for people of my generation, the younger generation. not for people actually receiving the retirement benefits or those approaching retirement benefits. we need to acknowledge we have a spending problem. that's the first thing we need to do. >> greta: massachusetts is typically a democratic state. president obama did very well in massachusetts. congressman markey is running on
10:38 pm
the obama agenda. how do you compete with that? >> i'm running against a person the poster boy for term limits. if we continue to talk about this, more person responsibility, more personal freedoms, that's resonating with republicans, and moderate democrats in the state. we could go in the urban areas and expand the party and be more inclusive. we're confident we'll bring a lot of independent and moderate democrats under our tent. we're very confident going into the general election here. >> greta: thank you very much. we did put in a call to congressman markey. he's unavailable this week. hopefully he'll join us some time. thank you, mr. gomez. >> please go to >> greta: coming up, the hunt
10:39 pm
for the killer of an 8-year-old girl taking a new turn tonight. the latest is next. and remember college student amanda knox? she's telling all. hear what she says about the interrogation that led to her it's a brand new start. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week. the act of soaring across an ocean in a three-hundred-ton rocket doesn't raise as much as an eyebrow for these veterans of the sky. however, seeing this little beauty over international waters
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>> greta: amanda knox is telling the world her story, convicted and then acquitted of murdering her college roommate in italy. weeks ago an italian court ordering her to be retried for murder. now knox talking for the first time to abc's diane sawyer. >> did you kill meredith kercher? >> no. >> were you there that night? >> no do you know anything you've not told police that you have not said in this book? do you know anything? >> no. >> but you confessed. >> well, i didn't confess. i was interrogated. they acted like my answers were wrong. they told me i was wrong, that i
10:42 pm
didn't remember correctly, that i had to remember correctly. if i didn't, i would never see my family again. >> greta: do you believe knox or >> greta: do you believe knox or is she a great the kyocera torque lets you hear and be heard even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultraugged ocera torque, only from sprint direct conct. buy one get four free for your business.
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>> greta: the obama administration is threatening benghazi whistleblowers. a lawyer for a state department worker says, yes. yesterday president obama at a news conference in an answer to fox news channel's ed henry's question said he didn't know anything about the whistleblowers being threatened, but promised to find out. today ed henry continued to press for answers. he asked white house press secretary jay carney for answers. >> if they were to come forward, is the white house willing to let them testify? >> that's a hypothetical. let's be clear. benghazi happened a long time
10:45 pm
ago. we're unaware of any agency blocking employees from providing information about benghazi. >> greta: senator lindsey graham, kelly ayotte, john mccain, writing a letter to the president, demanding the administration give the names of benghazi survivors to congress. now tonight police in california are trying to find out if the murder of the 8-year-old is linked to a nearby kidnapping attempt. yesterday an intruder tried to grab a 15-month-old girl from her home. megan goldsby joins us. what can you tell us about this man who apparently tried to kidnap that other child? >> that man is 42-year-old jason wareinen. his dna has been taken. they'll run it against the scene of leila's murder. he's accused of following a woman into her apartment,
10:46 pm
snatching the baby out of her arms. she was unable to wrestle her back with him. authorities are telling us there's a slim chance that these two are related. in fact, they're saying it's a, quote, shot in the dark, but there are a few similarities i want to tell you about between the two suspects. it's very unusual for a stranger to enter a home and harm a child, especially in very rural areas like these two places. placerville, only 10,000 people, and valley springs, only 3500 people. they're 50 miles apart as i told you earlier. the physical description somewhat similar, one over 6'0", can which matches what leila's brother reported, some saying they saw a tall, white or hispanic man running from the home, but the difference is the wear. the brother said he saw long
10:47 pm
hair. the other has short area. the dna will take about a week. >> greta: meghan gardlemegan, we child and a neighbor. anybody else corroborating the description of the killer of the 8-year-old girl? >> no. that's all we have at this point, those two witnesses. they've cleared all of the family members as a suspect. that's usually the first thing they go to in a case like this, because it's unusual for someone to break in. all they're going off is what the brother saw when he came and what a neighbor saw. those two descriptions match. they're trying to figure out if it matches wearinnen's description. >> greta: if you live in the area, know anything at all, have information, call the police. thank you, megan. >> thank you. >> greta: straight ahead, governor chris christie is famous for speaking his mind. why did we have to bleep him this time? for singing definitely dry mouth has been a problem for me.
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>> greta: time to hash it out. my producers better get ready to bleep governor chris christie. a town hall meeting turned upside down when the governor clashed. he goes after knucklehead critics during town hall. check this out. >> so any knucklehead neighbor of yours that tells you i'm coming in here, building showers for people, a bathroom there, a hot dog stand, before you know it, a dairy queen. i'm telling you, it's going to be unbelievable. let me use a word that is indelicate. there's some children here. i see one. there may be more.
10:53 pm
cover their ears. [bleep]. okay? that's what it is. >> greta: get out the soap for the governor. the governor criticizing homeowners not wanting to see sand dunes build as sand barriers. that's one man whose bad side you don't want to get on. and donald trump with a big tease. is he or isn't he? this tweet, trump making gop speech. is 2016 in the cards? there's something you're not telling us, donald? as you know, the donald went on the record the last go around, but it never happened. is trump serious this time, is that why the tweet? or is this a sequel to the movie "groundhog day"? the huffington post reporting, the most enjoy facial hair you'll see from the international beard
10:54 pm
husband celebrating their anniversary in disneyland. tmz reporting mariah and nick shut down is in disney for vow renewal. good thing they didn't do in the white house or white house tours would have been shut down. wait a second. they're already shut down. my bad. and talk about giving one up for the team. the french president is selling his wine stash to balance the budget. the huffington post office reports he sells his private wine stash to fund the budget. how cool is that? would president obama sell the white house home brewed beer to help us out? don't forget, follow me on
10:55 pm
twitter @gretawire. coming up, president obama getting some surprise advice on what to do about the guantanamo bay prison. that's next. my mantra?
10:56 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here it is time for last call. for years president obama trying to decide what to do good bth guantanamo bay prison. maybe he should have asked jay leno. >> president >> president obama still wants to clocks it is git git facility. he'll do what it always does. declare it a small business and tax it out of existence. one month, out of there. gone in a minute. >> greta: that is your last call. we are closing down shop. now go to, there is an open thread. you can tell me all of things you like btd show and things that bug you about the federal
11:00 pm
government. there aren't many of those, right? let us know what you thought about tonight's show. we'll see you tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern right here. >> eric: we have breaking news on the boston terror attack. three more suspects have been arrested. charges corrupting. azamat tazhayakov and diaz kadyrbayev. two days after the bombings, the three new suspects entered tsarnaev's dorm room emptied a back back jar of vaseline and tsarnaev's laptop. the next day when they released the video of the tsarnaevs, the guys ditched the laptop and backpack in a dumpster because they did not want tsarnaev to get i

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